Friday, August 27, 2010

Apparently being gentle has gone out of style…

My friend, who likes to remind me I haven’t written on my blog since the last Ice Age, is no longer pulling his punches. I recently was put in charge of the blog at work and when he asked me why I didn’t write on my own blog anymore, I begged off with the excuse that I found I’m more private than I thought. That when I write, it’s not often things I want to share. His response? Wuss. I cannot let that go unanswered (though I have for about two weeks now…huh, need to work on my response times).

But the fact of the matter is I’ve never quite known what to do with a blog. It was easy when I was living in Bath or Washington DC when I could report on my comings and goings. But what does one do when you have nothing like that to report? I was baffled. But now I’ve been reading a whole myriad of blogs for the better part of two years (thank you iSchool education!) and I’ve slowly started to get an idea of what goes on with one. I don’t have to live somewhere exciting (which I certainly don’t) and while I wish I had a more centralized topic planned out, I think I might be ready to give this a shot again. If you’ll bear with a blog as bizarre as my interests are.

So, I got to thinking what I could write about on a regular basis which brought me to the question: What on earth do I do with my time?

I read. Like it’s my job. My current goal is read everything on my bookshelf that I own and have not yet read. Laugh if you want but that is a large stack of books my friends (or used to be, I’m starting this project of recording them kind of late in the game…). So I thought, I can write an entry every time I finish one. And then move on to my other reads once I finish that goal. So, topic #1 I can cover without breaking a sweat. The day I’m not reading a new book is the day you should all head for cover. The apocalypse is neigh.

Topic #2 is my obsession with Netflix. Really, it might be bordering on the embarrassing now. But whoever dreamt up Netflix, I would marry you…If I knew who you are. Because you were thinking of me right? Young 20-something woman who has moved to a new town for a job where she knows no one? And where the movie theater only shows three movies at a time? And those movies seem to inevitably be ones she does not want to see? You designed it for me didn’t you? Oh, and whoever then thought “hey, let’s let them instantly watch materials through their computers/DVD players!” needs to be promoted ASAP. In fact, they should be running the company. So there is the next thing I can talk about, movies and TV shows. I am currently re-watching SeaQuest and realizing what a profound effect it had on me as a child. Bet you can’t wait for that post…

And let’s have another topic to start out…what else do I do with myself? I go to work but that’s covered on that blog. I take fitness classes. I like to attempt to cook and bake. I imagine myself an amateur photographer every once in awhile. I could talk about those occasionally. Let’s see. I mean, the only other major thing in my life is blogged to death: Disney and everything pertaining to Disney. I am a Disney Geek. They say admitting it is the first step to recovery. When it comes to me and Disney, however, it’s more a source of pride. So yeah, you’ll hear about my love of the Mouse here as well.

So that should about cover everything. I am sure I’ll have some adventures to share of course. While I might not call an exotic locale home anymore, I often find myself exploring uncharted territory around these parts. So, let’s see if third time is the charm for my newly revamped, usually neglected blog. Here goes nothing!

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Mitch said...

Glad you're back into the writing, even if it took constant prodding. I do it out of love; we both know it's true. :-)

I think you'll find that you have more to share than you believed possible. I've been blogging for 6 years now; you'll do just fine, and I look forward to all of it.