Friday, September 23, 2011

Back to Reality

I am alive people! Sadly, a mysterious illness (that they finally decided is TMJ) kept me down for a lot of the time before my trip but I am back and feeling better definitely. I am missing the beds at the Walt Disney World Dolphin though.

And Serenity Bay at Disney's private island. Once I found an umbrella to hide under (my northeastern white skin did not take well to the Caribbean sun), it was fabulous. And I finished a book while I was there.
From Goodreads

The Good Girl's Guide to Getting Lost: A Memoir of Three Continents, Two Friends, and One Unexpected Adventure by Rachel Friedman was a great book to read while traveling though I wish someone had given it to me back in high school. Except it wasn't written then since Rachel was still on her adventures at the time. It was a surreal book to read on some levels. One, Rachel apparently grew up near me and two, she sounds like she was just like me in how she handled school. Because of that, I was impressed by how she grew throughout her book and how candid she was willing to be about her insecurities and fears as she traveled the globe. I would recommend this for people about halfway through college. May all the parents who freak out at their kids taking some time off from college because of it forgive me.

In other news, I finally saw Some Like It Hot and feel like a failure as a human being for not seeing it until now. Seriously, comedic gold. Can we all just take a moment to appreciate Tony Curtis's Cary Grant impression when he is pretending to be a millionaire? Because, I may have laughed for five minutes when he said his first line. Jack Lemmon as always is hilarious and that last line? The reason we watch the classics.

Anyhoo, back to the grind now and the regularly scheduled movie watching and book reading. Bonus, fall TV shows are back!

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