Thursday, October 6, 2011

We've lost a dreamer

The rest of the world is doing a much better job than I ever could in paying tribute to the visionary we lost yesterday but for what it's worth, I wanted to pay my respects as well.

Every once in awhile, the world gets a true dreamer. Someone who sees the world in a way most of us would never dream of. Someone who can look at something and say with confidence, "that is the future." Steve Jobs was one of those people. 

Growing up in a very tech advanced house (something I am only coming to appreciate as I get older), I have always been awed by what technology can do and awed by the people who have the creativity and know-how to bring that technology into the homes of millions of people world-wide. I am an Apple girl. I still own my first iPod, a first gen I bought off a friend when she upgraded. It lives permanently on my iHome and probably would have the battery life of a minute if I took it off but it still works perfectly. I got my first Macbook late during my first year of grad school, but I am never going back to a PC again. In fact Darwin, my trusty Mac, is one of my best friends, something I am not embarrassed to admit (well, maybe a little...). I'll get my first iPhone when the iPhone 4S is released later this month. And chances are, I'll never go back from that either. 

Point is, my life has been touched by Steve Jobs. In the biggest way possible. Living as far as I do from home, my computer is my lifeline back and soon, my cell phone will be another link I use to stay in touch with the world. 

So I guess, what I want to say to a man I've never met is thanks. And safe travels to the next stop, whatever it may be.


Larry Eiss said...

Got here from Google+ after reading a post by your dad. Nice tribute. :-) Best regards.

Krystal said...

Thanks :-)

Mom said...

Very well said!