Saturday, October 2, 2010

I am alive!

Hello again!

I have survived the month of September. After a symposium, parental visit and professional conference, I have time again to call my own.

I'm going to start slowly. I finished Kate Mosse's Sepulchre and was less annoyed by it than my earlier reading of Labyrinth but I am still having issues with Mosse's character decisions. I feel her characters are inconsistent. Leonie, the heroine of the past time line and Meredith, the heroine of the present time line, are both portrayed as both strong and weak, brilliant and hopelessly dense. It gets frustrating to a reader after a while. In fact, I again had the urge to hurl the book across the room several times during my reading.

That said, her locations continue to draw me in. This story of two women take place in 1891 France and present day France, starting in Paris and ending in the south of France, connecting it her first book of the trilogy. This story had more action and I was more intrigued by the use tarot for this story line. However, the issues I had with her characters again made me like it less than I wanted too.

I was thinking today that most of my reviews of books so far have been negative. I do like books mostly. It's just as I work my way through the books on my shelves, I am realizing there is a reason I haven't read them until now. Buying them seemed such a good idea at the time...sigh.

I should have time to write this week before an old high school friend comes for a visit. All my fall TV shows have started up too (Glee! Castle! Chuck!) and I'm joining a choir on campus as well. I'll be more busy daily than I was when I started writing this summer so I'll be updating less frequently. My goal is at least three times a week. Let's see if I can keep it up!

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